Finer details take garments to another level, hence ColorPlus apparels undergo intricate fabric washes. We excel in our washing process which was mastered over years of R&D that made washing an art, rather than just a chemical process. Because of ColorPlus' mastery in garment washes, fabric majors Dupont and 3M, chose ColorPlus to launch their products when introduced wrinkle free and stain-free fabrics in India
  • Energy Wash

    An energy wash instantly revitalizes your outfit and brings out a natural suppleness to the fabrics. The process is eco-friendlier than other washes. The garment gets washed in a cellulose enzymatic bath which achieves the desired color. We then follow a rinsing and softening cycle that gives an additional soft feel to the garment along with sheen, for that dapper look.

  • Golf Ball Wash

    Golf balls made out of silicate and silicone are added in the wash drum during the enzyme stage, to break the body of Fabric with minimal color loss imparting a good hand feel. There is a pre treatment process of wetting and lubricating, so that the fabric has a velvety and buoyant look & feel.

    Experience cotton at its softest, with a smooth and luxurious feel. It’s time to raise your game up a notch.

  • 6030 Process

    The 6030 process a.k.a the wrinkle free wash is mainly for cotton fabrics as they tend to have very heavy texture. The process imparts luster, durability & wrinkle resistant properties to the garment.

    ColorPlus believes in giving you garments that stay crisp and clean throughout the day. Our R & D team has mastered one such unique technique to achieve this: Process 6030. This finishing process gives enduring wrinkle defying properties, increase crease retention and a unique soft feel to your garment. Now be ready for action anytime!

  • Sponge Wash

    This is of a Softener process with additional softness and an easy and fluid handle.

    1: With silicone added in the wash drum, the Sponge Wash is the process of wetting and softening.

    2: This garment is subjected to a unique finishing process mastered by ColorPlus to give you a superior and soft tactile feel. Our technology team constantly works on fabrics of different kinds and chooses the treatment and processes that are most appropriate for each fabric.

  • Sand Stone Wash

    The Sandstone Wash works exceptionally well on garments that are ribbed, padded or otherwise naturally tough. This wash gives the garments a suave texture and a supple touch. This wash is the next step in luxury.

    1: Micro Granules of sand stones (Capsules) are added in the wash drum during the enzyme stage to break the Body of Fabric with minimal color loss and a good hand feel.

    2: It also has a PRE treatment process of wetting and lubricating, so that the garments acquires an excessive softness.

    3: It is used for fabrics with Ribs, one that are Pigment padded and where it is hard in nature from Mills.

  • Enzyme Wash

    Enzyme wash is to have clean, stifle and durable look on the garment which gets treated. Enzymes are added in the wash drum with the garments which dissolves the protruding fibers giving clean and polished feel and look to the garments. The enzymes also break the body of fabric with minimal color loss providing a good hand feel.

  • Wind Wash

    This same as enzyme wash but has excess running time in Wash drum during Enzyme stage, to deliver an additional soft feel with a cushioned comfort and a vintage aura.

    The Wind Wash also provides elasticity, softness and that much desired sophisticated look.

  • Feather Touch

    This wash includes Imported Chemicals, especially for Linens. The feather touch is a.k.a the Novaprept Wash. It is mainly used to give a crisp and vibrant feel to the garment. The chemicals do the job of wetting & softening of the garment to make clothes crisp and impart vibrancy to the colors.

  • Pebble Wash

    Also known as Bio Enzyme, is an enhanced hand feel to the garment without any color loss. The Pebble Wash results in beautifully vibrant colors and bounce for the ColorPlus garments.

    1: The process has an enzyme cycle.

    2: An application of spray softener (minus any ‘wet processing’) is carried on. The chemicals are sprayed on the garments and cured with the softener while running in the drier. This retains the shine and brightness of the fabric and imparts an enriched hand feel

  • Anti-microbial wash

    The Anti-Microbial Wash is an exhaustive treatment where chemicals added to provide a washed out look to the garment which requires anti –bacterial effect on the surface to avoid any mild bacterial adherence on garments.

  • Cloud wash

    Glide through a velvety- smooth feel of the eco-friendly Cloud Wash which gives a genteel look to the garment. We call it “the superior comfortable touch”

  • Flutter Wash

    Achieve that crisp and refined look with an impressive hand feel. Release the gentleman with the Flutter Wash.

  • True Wash

    Feel richness with the brand’s new washing technique.

    Here’s introducing the latest 'True wash' which brings out an outstanding luster and durability in linen fabrics.