Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy is simple and quintessential. We believe in the 3 C’s- Color, Comfort and Craftsmanship.
  • Color

    Our colors are vibrant and sophisticated. They come in a large palette that builds a creative symphony of color and design. Our core philosophy lies in the colors- the colors in our palette are meticulously created in the ColorPlus Design Studio, to suit the Indian skin tone.

    Colorful outfits for men aren’t about wearing bright colors from head to toe, but rather about integrating refined color elements. Hence ColorPlus elects the subtle play of shades and harmonious color combinations to make our garment look fabulous.

  • Comfort

    One of the main expressions of style is comfort. Being confident breeds comfort and being comfortable builds confidence. ColorPlus outfits are especially made for the Indian body type, keeping in mind the tropical climate and wardrobe prerequisites of the Indian man. We cater all-day comfort in all kinds of fits. Our essential motto is cementing and nurturing breathing space, precise measurements and produce fits, which look great and feel even greater

  • Craftsmanship

    Years of R&D have gone into creating quality fabrics, unique to ColorPlus. It is a process of improvements and innovations. Wherein the inherent qualities of the fabric are improved with the washes technology we use to infuse suppleness, stain resistance, wrinkle-resistance, luster and hand-feel and skin comfort.
    We love details and symmetrical stitch lines and checks. Our tailors have a sharp eye for detail, luxury, craftsmanship and a sound understanding of how the Indian male body is structured.