• What are the different materials used at ColorPlus for readymade garments?
    At ColorPlus, we use all natural fibers or blend of natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, wool etc. Are there any special wash care/ ironing instructions to increase the longevity of products?
  • How to Wash garments with different fabrics?
    Linen fabric garments normally require hot water during washing. Make sure you wash Indigo garments separately. Always wash special garments with Sequins, Beads or Corduroys inside out or hand wash them for best results.
  • Can I brush the garments?
    Avoid brushing of garments as it causes severe mechanical abrasion. If needed use soft cloth.
  • How to maintain Knit garments?
    Don't ever brush a knit garment or wring it out. It is also recommended to use cold or slightly temperate water and rinse the garment several times with clear water. If at all you are machine washing your knitted garment, then go for “delicate” or “gentle” or even “wool” program mentioned on your machine.
  • What’s the best cleaning agent for wool knits?
    Special Lanolin based detergent or mild soap or mild shampoo is safe to use for wool knits.
  • What kind of laundry agents should we use for ColorPlus garments?
    Mild, good quality liquid detergent without bleach is usually recommended.
  • What kinds of bleaches are present in Detergents and Additives?
    Remember two types bleaches are available-Oxygen bleach and Chlorine bleach.
  • Is the bleach harmful for garments?
    If used inappropriately or used with testing color fastness, these could affect your garment look.
  • How much cleaning agent should I use?
    Do not use detergent or laundry additives excessively. High water hardness and soiled garments may demand more detergents/additives and may affect garment performance.
  • What is better- machine drying or air drying?
    Air Drying is considered to produce best economical results compared to machine drying. Choose an appropriate place (shady, sunny) as per the care label. Most of times, drying under direct sunlight can harm dyes on fabrics causing color fading.
  • What are the side effect of machine drying?
    Machine Dryer heat can permanently set some stains. To make sure stains are gone, air-dry stained clothes first. If stains remain, treat and wash again. Avoid overloading the dryer as the clothes will take longer to dry and results in forming wrinkles.
  • How to dry the knit garments?
    All knits must be dried flat on a surface or dried by hand pressure using dry towels. Use of hangers or clips strictly not recommended as it results in misshaping. Avoid machine drying of knit garments.
  • Is ironing compulsory?
    Some fabrics do not require ironing; follow instructions carefully to adjust the process settings.
  • How to iron?
    Maintain the surface of your iron clean of dirt, color, burned remnants of other fabrics, etc. which can get transferred to your valuable garment.
  • Steam Iron or Hot Iron?
    You will get best results using a steam iron, as a hot iron can leave creases, shine marks and sometimes burn the accessories and sewing threads etc. leaving the garment unusable.
  • What’s the best ironing surface?
    Ironing table cloths. They must not contain structures that cause design impressions or transfer colors on to garments. Use plain weave white cloth.
  • How to treat Permanent Crease or Wrinkle resist garments?
    These garments need to be carefully steamed along the crease lines for best care.
  • How high or low should the Ironing temperature be?
    Extremely high temperatures when ironing can scorch fabrics especially silk, wool or other hair fibers. Undesirable high temperature can weaken the fabric and affect the dye stability. The scorching or yellowing or discoloration occurs as the fibers begin to burn. Burned fibers cannot be revived. Hence it is always recommended to use the appropriate temperature setting while ironing.
  • How to store my garments?
    Protect clothes from moist conditions, direct light or sunlight, which enhances color fade. Also protect from rust proof environment. Store Indigo dyed garments separately from non-indigo clothing. Knitted clothes should be kept lain and flat in your closet; knitted clothes if hung on hanger will surely lose their shape from the pull of their own weight.
  • How do I know my correct fit?
    You can refer to our fit guide. It will help you understand your physique and thereon help you select your best ColorPlus garment fit.
  • What is the difference between classic Fit, tailored and slim fit?
    Classic Fit:
    The classic Fit shirts are a little more comfortable. They have a nice fit to the body with fuller sleeves and wider arm holes for maximum range and mobility. These shirts are certainly for a more relaxed professional setting.

    A tailored fit is made just for your body. For example: when the clothes are made to match your exact measurements.

    Slim Fit:
    Have shirts cut in a slim fit that caters an athletic look. You will find these to be almost form fitting to your body, with higher arm holes and narrower sleeves.
  • How to do the measurements? (Chest, waist, thighs, Yoke etc.)
    Our fit guide will help you with the measurement specifications. Click here:
  • How important is a good fit?
    The Way a garment fit on you goes a long way in complementing your personality.You look your best in a well fitted garment.
  • What if I’m in between two different sizes?
    If you’re in-between sizes, don’t worry. We have odd sizes too. Click here:
  • Where should I complain for the defect in the merchandise?
    Please call us at our toll free number 1800-419-1100 or write to us at customercarecell@colorplus.in for any sort of query or complaint.
  • What is the return policy of the company?
    The return policy to be included as it is an online shopping site as well. Show the draft separately for the same.
  • What is the customer care number?
    Our customer care toll free number 1800-419-1100 to reach to speak to our customer care executive.
  • How can I exchange a product?
    We will exchange all garments& accessories within 30 days from the date of purchase, provided the merchandise is returned undamaged & under saleable condition with a valid Invoice. Products with manufacturing defects if any can be exchanged within 90 days from the date of purchase, provided it is submitted with a valid Invoice