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Who doesn’t love gifts and surprises? We all do!
ColorPlus brings to you a wonderful gifting culture with 3 different gift vouchers to suit your pockets.
Now be it Diwali, Eid or Christmas or just some pampering for your loved ones.
Gift a voucher and gift a pleasant surprise.
How to use Gift Voucher?

ColorPlus offers you the choice of gifting online. So if you know what would look good on your dear ones, you can select from our wide range of shirts, t-shirts, trousers and accessories. In case you are not sure what would they like, you can select from the 3 different gifting categories listed below and the one who received your gift voucher can make the purchase for himself.

We have one for every budget and taste.
  • Gift Vouchers of Rs. 500/-

    If you want to gift an accessory or just add on to your friend’s budget, this Bronze Card is the perfect pick for you.

  • Gift Vouchers of Rs. 1000/-

    It’s festival time and you’re in a mood to surprise your friends with fancy gifts. What could be fancier than a Silver Card.

  • Gift Vouchers of Rs. 5000/-

    Save the Golden Card for that special occasion. It not only provides you with multiple options, but also helps create an ensemble.

Where and How to buy a gift voucher?

ColorPlus gift vouchers make sure there are plentiful classy and dapper gifts in store, for your friends and family.
Our Gift Vouchers are available in Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 or Rs. 5000 denominations. Now let your loved ones pick what they like at the ColorPlus exclusive store.
To place an order for Gift Vouchers please contact us at or simply sign in and purchase the Gift Card through an online transaction.